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Casa Hogar de Paso "Luz y Esperanza"
Home of Light & Hope

Recognizing with both intellect and empathy the reality that children and adolescents face daily in this country, a sad reality which (sadly) affects the entire coffee region, the foundation, Colombia Vision is taking the initiative to enforce the new "Código de la Infancia y la Adolescenicia" (Code of Childhod and Adolescence). In an alliance with the local government of Cartago, Colombia Vision opened the first "Hogar de Paso" (foster home) as a first, immediate and temporary measure of full protection to restore and guarantee the rights of children and adolescents when they have been threatened or violated.

This new home is the first foster home in northern Valle del Cauca, a result of collaboration between el Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (The Colombian Family Welfare Institute), the municipality of Cartago and the Colombia Vision Foundation.


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OBJECTIVES of "Casa Hogar de Paso, Luz y Esperanza" (Home of Light & Hope):
• Provide comprehensive protection for children and adolescents while initiating appropriate processes to support next steps in the restoration of rights.
• Make an initial assessment on personal, family and social conditions in order to obtain evidence to enable the competent authority to determine the proper course of the administrative process.
• Create spaces for, and promote, opportunities for socialization, reflection and awareness, taking into account the child's particular life circumstances.
• Provide educational spaces for training, teaching and the development of self-knowledge, autonomy, personal skills and the promotion of reaching one's potential.
• For each particular case, define the most convenient and effective measure to help reduce situations of vulnerability and enhance family and social engagement.

Population Served
The "Hogar de Paso Luz y Esperanza" (Home of Light & Hope) attends to children and adolescents who, by the authorities are considered to be in threatening situations where their rights are being violated. The people responsible for their care are not present It has been determined that for these children it is not in their best interest to continue living with heir family of origin, or extended family, those otherwise responsible for them.

With these services we attend to up to twelve (12) children and adolescents at a time. Siblings are to be placed together in the same home, unless special circumstances exist.

The children living in the Home should be in a condition of health, physically and mentally, that does not put other children's health and safety at risk.

Given that the Home serves as a temporary shelter, each stay of residence cannot exceed eight (8) working days, during which time the authorities will determine and order the next round of protective measures (Art. 57 Code for Children and Adolescents).

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Referral of Children and Adolescents

The measure of referral of a child or adolescent to the Home is taken on by the Family Advocate or person having jurisdiction in accordance with current regulations (Family Commission, Police of Children and Adolescents) by order duly supported.



In the year 2010 more than one hundred and fifty (150) children and adolescents were attended to and late re-directed to their families, extended families or welfare institutions.


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