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"Hogar Ángeles" Home for Girls
"¡Thank you for giving us a HOME!"Given the belief and knowledge of the reality in which the children of our country live, the organization Colombia Vision decided to create a Home for girls in an area where a protective haven did not exist.

The Safe Home “Ángeles” is a physical location characterized by a loving and comfortable ambiance, which exudes warmth and offers both protection and the necessary care for young girls between the ages of 7 and 18, who find themselves in vulnerable situations and require protective steps; or similarly, who lack a family or a responsible adult who is capable of providing the appropriate conditions For their development And well-being.


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An essential objective is to restore the rights for each of the girls, to improve their quality of life as well as for their family in order to rebuild their plans for healthy living and social adjustment.

The Home functions as a real family, providing for the crucial growth and development for each young girl; it involves a method of working with those closest to the girls, thereby creating the suitable conditions for ultimately reuniting with their family and reestablishing a sound social life.



Extend a gesture of love to the girls and teen of the Home “Angeles” by providing:
- Education
- Nutrition
- Shelter & Care

We need your help:
- Tell your friends about the Home “Angeles”.
- Become a Virtual Volunteer."¡Thank you, because now we can dream!"
- Visit and help at the Home.
- Remember us in your prayers.

Thanks to your kindness, more girls who find themselves abandoned or in dangerous situations have a Home.


Yes, I can help a girl!
If you would like to help, please contact us to receive information on a girl to sponsor.  You can help in several ways:
US $20 a month will help support her education,
US $30 a month will help feed her,
US $100 a month will help secure her overall protection.
You also may indicate a monthly donation of your choice and designate its purpose.
Or you can provide a one-time donation of any amount.

we appreciate your support!
we appreciate your support!


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